Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame...on a bike

Figured I'd pass this article along to my bike-crazed readership.

My co-worker (baseball blogger Ed Thoma) showed me a link last week to the story of Darren O'Donnell, a 24-year-old Western Washington University graduate who is biking to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums during the 2011 season. So far, O'Donnell has been to 13 stadiums, biked more than 6,000 miles (the entire trip estimated to be about 10,500 miles) and fixed more than 50 flat tires.

Here is a link to O'Donnell's Facebook page on the bike trip, and here is a link to his Twitter page.

My interest in O'Donnell's six-month trip is two-fold. As an avid cyclist and open advocate for commuting on a bike, I admire his ambition and his willingness to put himself out there. I thought biking across Southern Minnesota by myself was enough of an adventure; I can only imagine what 10,000-plus miles would be like.

O'Donnell's trip also brings back memories of my baseball-crazed childhood. My dad and I used to make yearly road trips to baseball parks around the country, both because we loved watching baseball and because we wanted to experience it in better venues than the Metrodome. We never got around to visiting all 30 MLB parks (I think we got up to about 10), but I always thought that would be a cool thing to attempt over time.

So coming from a life-long baseball fan and a kindred spirit of cycling adventures, bravo Darren O'Donnell and best of luck for the remainder of your travels.

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