Thursday, June 16, 2011

Riding to the Root: Here comes the sun

After two days of biking through rain and wind, an old friend finally decided to show itself from beyond the Lanesboro horizon.

The old friend I'm talking about is the sun.

Oh, it's made a slight appearance here and there since my trip began, but those appearances were fleeting. It would emerge from the clouds long enough to say hello, only to tuck itself back behind the cover before I had a chance to return the greeting.

Well, that won't be the case today. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. There's no wind to speak of and there is hardly a cloud in the sky. Making my morning even better, the person tent-camping next to me happened to be on a group bicycling tour and told me all the cool spots to see on the Root River Trail over a cup of hot chocolate.

The sun makes my entire day seem more optimistic. Instead of dealing with wet clothes, wet camping gear and the ongoing notion that I should have packed warmer clothes (seriously, it's JUNE), I can now dry off all my gear and let myself warm back up. I don't need to rush through things in an attempt to avoid another onslaught of rain; I can take my time and enjoy the scenery.

My plan is to take in a few sights and start heading back to Mankato by the early afternoon. I won't get all the way home today, but I'm hoping to get near the I35 area so my ride home tomorrow won't be too arduous.

Since it's a nice day outside, I won't waste time with other details. Instead, I'll leave you with this clip. It's a Richie Havens cover of my favorite Beatles song.

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