Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Learning the Loops" bike series

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the biggest perks of the new Greater Mankato trails and bike map is the suggested bike loops it has listed for riders to sink their teeth into. The loops vary from 15-35 miles in distance and each will take riders past some of Mankato's more scenic attractions.

Aside from being good exercise, it's also a great way to get to know the community and all the cool sites it has to offer.

As readers of my blog can attest, I'm a big believer in the notion that bike rides should be more about the journey and the appeal of the destination instead of sheer mileage. I've done my share of 80+ mile biking days and in all honesty, I didn't enjoy them as much as the days where I'd bike out to a secluded beach with a good book or head out to the Eagles Nest to sink my teeth into the Duke Burger (blog entry coming soon).

So as you can probably imagine, the suggested bike loops would have a definite to a rider like me. Which is why I'm introducing a 4-part series on my blog called "Learning the Loops." Throughout the summer, I'll be riding on the four suggested loops and giving my readers the 411 things like how difficult the ride was, the cool stuff there was to see and suggestions on how to possibly expand the loops to include other attractions.

Unlike my ongoing bike trip series, it won't focus as much on one destination. Rather, it will be looking at the ride as a whole.

Hope you all are as excited to read about the loops as I am to bike on them!

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