Saturday, January 2, 2010

The only thing better than fitness classes are FREE fitness classes

If your New Years resolution was to broaden your health & fitness horizons, next week at the YMCA should be a fun one for you.

From Jan. 4-Jan. 9, the Y will be offering free samples of various fitness classes ranging from cycling to yoga to Pilates. The free classes run at all times of the day, so there is little to be concerned with in terms of fitting it into your schedule.

Presumably, the free sampling is being done to spur interest in the classes among YMCA members. Considering the rush of New Years resolution-makers to the gym lately, the Y's timing could not be better. New Years has always been a time of new beginnings and trying new things, and the free classes offer an easy (and frugal) way to achieve that.

I for one will be making a note to try out as many classes as possible next week. I'm all about trying new things, but the thought of paying for fitness classes when I could just as easily work out on my own has always been a detriment to broadening my horizons. With the classes being free, I can step out of my comfort zone without lightening my wallet.

So congratulations YMCA, you finally got me to attend a Pilates class. Bravo.

Here's the schedule of all the free sample classes offered next week. Paper copies of the schedule can also be picked up at the Y.

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