Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upcoming Mankato Marathon forum and other updates

The Greater Mankato Convention & Visitors Bureau is holding a Mankato Marathon Runners Forum from 6-7:30 p.m. Dec. 1 in the Ellery Room at the Verizon Wireless Center to get ideas and suggestions for the upcoming Greater Mankato Marathon.

According to race director Anna Thill, topics the forum will explore include: Pre-race events (i.e. holding a pasta feed the night before the race), how to set up the starting line on race day, things to have on the race course (i.e. water stations, food stations, etc.), what to have at the finish line of the race (food, massage tables, other accomodations), and other micellaneous topics like posting race photos online and making resutls available to runners.

Thill said the target audience of the forum is runners with marathon experience who can chime with their own experiences and what they liked best about races they've ran in.

For more information, contact Anna Thill at 381-6815

- Update on Eric and Christie Nelson (the couple biking from Mankato to the tip of South America): As of their last SPOT entry Saturday, Eric and Christie are in the Mexican village of Palenque, which is roughly 40 miles west of the Guatemalan border. They're latest blog entry was written on Sunday and recaps their experience of biking in Mexico, with the climate and landscape being far more diverse than anticipated and the locals being much friendlier than they were expecting. They also made a note to apologize to their readership for their lack of entries lately, as Christie recently came down with a stomach sickness and their travel was slowed as a result.

-Grandma's training update: I just completed Week 4 of my training, and thanks to a little bit of weather-induced ambition (is it really the middle of November?), I managed to log 36 miles of running and mixed in a few nice bike rides to go with it. The only setback so far has been getting used to my new pair of running shoes, as the breaking-in period has caused a few blisters to form. Short-term goals are to log as many miles between now and Thanksgiving as possible, because I'm guessing the amount of food consumed at the festive dinner will render my fitness ambitions useless for a few days.

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