Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now on Twitter

Not sure how many of my regular readers are Twitter users, but if you're dying to hear more on all topics related to health & fitness, yours truly has now joined the world of 140-character tweets.

That's right folks, I'm now on Twitter. A feed of my Twitter account can be viewed on the right-hand side of my blog below my profile. There's only one tweet at present (the obligatory "holy crap, how does this all work?" tweet), but rest-assured, there will soon be more. I will most likely keep the tweets related to health & fitness -- with an emphasis on the Mankato area -- though I may occasionally drift off topic if something else strikes my fancy.

I've been reluctant to join Twitter up to this point. I figured Facebook was enough of a social networking addiction. However, I've been looking for other ways to add to my blog's content and I figure Twitter gives me a more concise platform (the 140-characters thing is going to take some getting used to) to write about workouts, community happenings and random cycling adventures.

Here's to hoping my tweets can be interesting!

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