Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A website for all those race results junkies out there

Here is a like to a website called that I found during a Google search frenzy one night. I wish I could explain more indepthly as to how I came across it, but trust me, it was a completely random find.

It's basically a website where you can search the results of more than 180,000 races worldwide. The site has road races, trail runs, triathlons and duathlons dating back to the 1980's on it, including last month's inaugural Mankaot Marathon.

The unique aspect of Athlinks over other result websites like Apple Raceberry Jam and Pickle Events? Instead of searching by races, you can search by names.

By looking up your name on Athlinks, you can see the results of every race you've ever ran and have them all on one page. Instead of having to search countless websites to refresh your memory on how you did on that one 5k race way back when, you can find it on Athlinks (and just about every other race you've ran, for that matter).

Athlinks visitors also have the option of becoming a "member" of the site for free. With the membership comes the freedom to create an online profile, communicate with other members and submit race results that aren't already posted on the website. However, this is not required in order to search for names and results.

The website is not without its flaws. If you search for a common name, you may come up with a bunch of race results that don't belong to that person. There's also the possibility that it simply doesn't have the race results you're looking for (it's definitely missing a few of mine).

Despite its drawbacks, Athlinks is still a pretty cool find for people who spend more time on results websites than they care to admit. Considering I still remember regatta results from my collegiate rowing days, I definitely fit into that category.

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